Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wood can be hot!!!

In preparing for my radio show each. I take myself shopping and observe what seems to be trending. Yesterday when I said I better start exercising, I switched to sneakers and walked the mall. I noticed that there were several new stores and they all had one element in common. That element was the use of wood. I have noticed the look of wood is really popular right now.  Whether its rough wood, reclaimed wood, white birch or cork wood it hot! I seem to see wood wherever I go. Natural elements are great because they are trending, but will never really do out of style.  I am even seeing the wood look in fabrics and upholstery. For the complete story tune in on Wednesday to Modern Design on www.hunterdonchamberradio/design.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

When to take down the Christmas tree

I am often asked as a designer how long after Christmas is it socially acceptable to keep the Christmas tree and the decorations up.  After all January is dull and bleak if you live in the northeast.  The glow of lights often helps with depression in the darker winter months. Here is my answer. If it makes you happy take decorations down slowly but by the 3rd week in January you need to be done. Please savor these last moments of the season.