Saturday, September 27, 2014

I love color add pops of brightness when using gray tones

Have you recently noticed that everything in interior design is gray.  All the magazines, furniture stores and fabric companies are showing mostly all gray and beige tones.  I have to say I HATE this.  Gray is great as a base mixed with pops of yellow, lime green or orange but gray alone is the color of depression.  Don't get caught up in fads.  Gray today gone tomorrow.  Pick the colors you like and make them work with the current lack luster trends

I am pleased to announce that Mavin Hill Designs has opened a new store in Flemington New Jersey.  Our address is 1 US Hwy 31 Flemington New Jersey 08822.  Our Phone number is 908-884-0770.  We carry unusual accessories and beautiful gifts.  We also offer gift certificates for interior design.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

                                                      The Doldrums of Winter

This has been particularly brutal winter so far.  Home decor is often the last thing on peoples minds after the Christmas decorations are put back into the attic.  This is, however, the best time of year to do a home improvement projects.  All the contractors are slow in the winter, so you will get better pricing.  Also, if you wait till the spring, often no one calls you back.  They are just too busy.  Be assured if you call a designer or contractor in January or February they will be at your door within a day or two.