Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's quite easy being Green

Happy March everyone!!!! I can't believe that it is going to be daylight savings time soon. I started writing this blog to share my life experiences as an interior designer.  I hopefully will pass some information on to you that will help you enrich your life and your home.  I am in at least 5 homes a week and I find I am still always learning new things and being inspired.

My latest inspiration has to do with a new project I am working on.  The couple I am working with have trusted me and are giving me total control in their family room.  I usually find inspiration from trade magazines or show houses, but this time it was nature that inspired me.  We are having a bizarre winter. Strange spring-like things have been happening since the beginning of January.  I have noticed all my bulbs are out of the ground and there is a lot of new growth on plants in my garden.  It is concerning, but at the same time quite beautiful.  I am obsessed with the spring green color that I have been seeing all winter.  The beautiful light green colors that invoke thoughts of warm temperatures and better times ahead.  Spring green is hard to describe.  It is like the color of the grass when it starts to come back after the winter.  It is also like the new lighter green leaves that come out on your existing perennials.  It is like asparagus stalks or the inside of a ripe avocado.  I love this color!!! The room was a huge success using a fresh green and taupe palate.

Most people think that only beige is a neutral.  I stage many houses for sale as part of my business.  Sellers have told me" just paint all the rooms white or linen white", WRONG.  Neutrals are earth colors.  Greens and browns are soothing and make a space relate to the outside.  When you paint a house all white there is no contrast with the trim and moldings.  Beige and green co-exist well together.  I don't think a house ever stayed on the market too long for a  pale sage green kitchen.  Use of green in a home brings a sense of calm.  Even if you don't paint your walls green, you can buy a couple of fern prints and put them up in your foyer.  You can also incorporated green in your kitchen and dining room linens.  It could be a new table cloth, some napkins or a floral center piece.  Green flowers and branches signify spring and look great on any table.  Some of my favorite green flowers are hellebores (Lenten Roses), green orchids and the rare green blooms on dogwood branches. 

I always suggest to my clients when making big purchases, especially on upholstered furniture, to stay neutral.  When you have several sitting rooms all the couches can't be tan.  Green goes with so many other  colors, browns, blues, terracotta, cream, coral, plum, white, brick red.  The possibilities are endless.  So take a leap of faith and throw a little green in your home this March.  After all, St. Patricks Day is on it's way, and there an old saying that adding a little green to your home with send you some green, if you know what I mean.  See you next month.  Please keep e-mailing me you questions and comments.  I love them.  You can also find me on my website http://www.mavinhilldesigns/  or catch up with me on facebook.  I look forward to you input and ideas.