Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Closets,Closets, Closets

In today's homes people are living in smaller spaces again, but with maximum organization. One of the most important factors in living in smaller square footage is having great storage. Closets have become critical these days. A great closet design could change the world. Closets today have wonderful functionality and offer great storage. These closets are often glamorous with chandeliers and wallpaper. It is definitely worth it to get a professional involved today before you take on a downsizing challenge.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Transitional is the New Traditional

Isn't amazing that even well done traditional rooms become dated over time??? They are not supposed to, but eventually everything goes out of style. Interior design seems to change through the decades. In the 1950's American furniture was early American. It was very traditional. In the 1960's we were in the space age so things became sleek and modern. In The 1970's there was a new found interest in ecology and wood was prominent in design. In the 1980's there was a new modernism and a return to contemporary. The 1990's brought new wealth with the inception of the internet and a return to traditional design. Today we have returned to am more modern esthetic. You see the world is ever changing and so goes design.    2018 is a year of great turmoil. We are in a modern phase, yet people are longing for the better times of the past. This is why all the old television shows are rebooting. As such interior design right now is transitional. A blend of modern for technology and traditional representing memories of better times.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Blue and Green just make me happy

If you have followed me on this blog and on social media, you know I love blues and greens. I think they are also timely as they go very well as pop colors for an all gray back drop. I will talk about this look and the best ways to achieve it on my radio show this week. You can go to www.hunterdonchamberradio.com and then click on our show Modern Design. You can also watch us on Facebook Live. Go to my page called Modern Design on Hunterdon Chamber Radio. We are live every Wednesday from 2-3 pm e.s.t and you can even call into our live show @ 908-237-0410.