Sunday, June 14, 2015

                                                               Grey with a Twist

  It is quite obvious that the color grey has been with us for a while now as a hot trend.  Grey is a neutral and goes well with most decors.  I must say I had to get used to this at first.  I had preferred the warm of earth tones and neutrals like tan, taupe, and caramel. I have recently been pairing the "new" grey with several colors and I love the outcome.  Grey with lime green is a really beautiful combination.  It is fresh and inviting.  Grey with yellow is trending all over the place.  It is a classic combination and will work well with both tradition and contemporary decors.  Finally Coral is really hot right now for summer 2015 and pairs really well with most shades of grey.  So if you are having a grey day try spicing it up with some of these updated pops of color. For more info contact Mavin Hill Designs @ 908-884-0770.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

                                            I'm in love with navy and coral

 I recently started a new project in a very traditional home.  The client has a strong liking of blue and white china.  I decided to pair it with dark coral to make it fresh and I love the punches of color.  Please try this color combination, it can be quite striking.