Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Lovin

I love summer.  It is my favorite time of year.  I love being able to spend so much time outdoors.  I love all the natural light and all the memories that come with summer.  Being that it is  the first of July,  I would like to share some seasonal tips for you.  If you are not done with your flowers pots yet, now is a great time to buy.  You will finds that the garden centers are already putting all their plants on clearance.  I usually do my base planting for Memorial Day, but now wait until July to do my pool pots and other areas.  There is still  plenty of summer  ahead  and you will save so much money.
   Also remember plants only look good if they are in their right environment.  Geraniums love full sun, while inpatients give great volume, but need shade.  You need to know your property and what will thrive in your yard.  If you are in a deer area you need to know what plants are deer resistant.  You can buys the most beautiful plants, but if they get eaten you just are wasting you time and money. I am in a major deer area.  I have found plants that will work for me, but deer resistant plantings aren't always the most colorful.
   A great way around that it window boxes.  It took me many years to figure this out, but if you raise your pots up high, you can plant what you like.  Begonias and petunias do well in pots and will give you a great deal of seasonal color for full sun.  Inpatients and coleus do well for shade pots.  Please take advantage of the great deals out there now and make your outside as beautiful as your inside