Monday, October 9, 2017

How to mix antiques into a modern home

I very often see antiques being underappreciated or overlooked totally. The best looking homes are balanced with a combination of new and old things. Right now with the trend towards modern design people seem to be pulling away from items with a history. Antiques have and always will have a place in decorating your home. Old road signs and commercial things are perfect in a modern home. The eclectic mix makes your home individualized. On Wednesday 10/11/17 The Modern Design Radio Show on WHCR-DB in Flemington will have Susan Nercker as a guest. Susan is the co-owner of Ye Olde Antique & Curiosity Shop. Go to and tune into Modern Design live this Wednesday 10/11/2017 from 2-3pm. You can also listen to the show on our podcasts. You will be able to call into the show  @ 908-237-0410 and talk about your experiences using antiques in a modern world!!!