Saturday, February 21, 2015

                                       Accessories Can Make or break a bathroom

Recently I renovated a master bath to make it handicapped accessible.  Because of this, we have a great deal of hard services.  When you are working on an area like this. It is very  important to soften the area with accessories.  Flowers, candles, shower curtain, window treatments are all designed to bring color and softness for a space.  In this case we need to use a great deal of neutral tile.   It is beautiful, but I wanted to add pops of color.  We chose Purple and olive  against the neutral tan.  It really soften the space and gives visual interest.   For more helpful tips, listen to my new radio show on Hunterdon Chamber Radio.  It is called Modern Design and airs every Wednesday from 10- 11 am.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

                                                A NEW DOOR CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING

It is very important to  me that a home have an identity based upon the architecture.  I see so many people that ignore the roots of a home and really mask it's beauty.  If you have a Victorian house you want fussy details and colorful paint schemes.  If you own a contemporary you need to keep the lines clean a simple and do large bold yet simple statements.  This also goes for interior design.  If you have a 4 bedroom center hall colonial don't fill it with contemporary furniture it will look terrible.  I believe people need to know what their design style is before the purchase a home.  If your taste is for country French you can look for that style house.  If you can't afford a country french house a ranch home really can work well to become country French.   If you like modern and cant afford a new home.  A 1960's split level and be very cool and modern with the right colors and furniture.  It's all about respecting the roots of a home and honoring what it is .  Recently I have been working on a contemporary that the previous owners tried to make look ornate Italian/ Victorian.  It just did not work with the house or the lot.  I recently changed out the Victorian front door to a contemporary door with bold but simple lines.  The house sang.  It is so right now.  Please take a good look at your house and honor its roots.  You will be sure that the outcome with be perfect if you respect its history.