Monday, February 19, 2018

Spring Cleanup

Believe it or not we are almost in March. It is not to early to start getting ready for spring. If you notice in the stores spring bulbs are here. Things like primrose, hyacinths, tulips in forcing bulbs are all here. It is going to be 72 degrees on Wednesday this week. It is a great time to get all the fall leaves all the lawn and out of the planting beds. If you want to start vegetables or herbs from seed, now is the time to do so. On this week's Modern Design my guest will be John Leahy of Weichert Realtors in Oldwick New Jersey. He will talk about Spring market and great ideas to get your home ready for Spring. Watch Modern Design of Facebook Live. Go to Modern Design on Hunterdon Chamber Radio on Facebook. Our program is live from 2-3 pm est. You can even call into the show @ 908-237-0410.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Staging is Everything

These days if you want to sell your home you need to stage it. No longer are the masses looking for fixer uppers. There is an understanding now that weather a home is brand new, 5 years old or 125 years old, it will look like a model home. People go to the internet now to start their search for a home, so pictures are everything. If you have a powder blue toilet, you probably will turn off potential buyers. There are a couple things you should do when you want to sell a house. First get a market analysis from 3 different realtors in your area. Look to see what you need to spend money on. You should then do the changes before the property goes on the market. Please remember pictures are everything now. Also you can do things that don't cost anything. Remove all clutter and get rid of personal items including pictures. Take out extra furniture and accessories, even if you have to get a storage unit temporarily. For more information on this or any of the blog topics watch Modern Design on Facebook live. Go to Modern Design on Hunterdon Chamber Radio. We are live each Wednesday from 2- 3 pm est. You can even call in with your comments @ 908-237-0410.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Portrait Art

How many of us like having your picture taken. I would say not that many. Photography is funny. People who are very attractive can look less attractive on film, while other excel in photos even look better than they do in person. I believe the key to looking good in a photo is confidence and of course a photography who is truly an artist. Stephan Taylor is just that a portrait artist. Many of us have children or pets who we cherish. Keep in mind life is ever changing. Wouldn't it be great to capture the innocence of your young children or our parents and grandparents to be with us forever. The best way to do that is portrait art. I don't think you can make a better investment than portrait. It is not just a picture, over time it will become an heirloom. Join me this Wednesday from 2-3 pm est. Stephan will be with me and I will ask all the questions on what portrait art is and are we remised for not having one done. Watch On Facebook live. Go to Modern Design on Hunterdon Chamber Radio. You can watch it live or in the podcast. You can also call into the show @ 908-237-0410.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Fabric is Magic

When I am starved for inspiration I always head to the local fabric store for new ideas. These days there is much less color on the walls and in base pieces of furniture. It is the pop of color in the accessories and fabrics that define a rooms beauty and style. These days everything is about geometric shapes. I see more geometric fabrics than ever before. Once you determine that adding a geometric pattern or two will modernize your home's look, you will need to pick a color. Now that everything is gray around us, you need pop colors for the fabric accents. Colors like citrus green, cobalt blue, teal, orange and bright yellow are the most in-style pop colors right now. I believe that fabric is magic or at least it can be. So like me, if you need to get some inspiration with your home, look to fabrics to create your style. For information of this or any other design topics I discuss watch Modern Design on WHCR-DB. Go to and then click on Modern Design. We are live every Wednesday from 2-3 pm EST and you can even call into the show. You also can listen to us in the hundreds of podcasts.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Modern Matchup

It is January folks. It is the time of change and new beginnings. I like to take a look at my house after the Christmas tree comes down and see if I still like what I have done. This year after 13 years in the same house, I realized it was time for a big update. I did not want to change everything. I just wanted to impart some modern style in to my classic colonial. The first thing I did was change out the paint colors. Shades of jewel tones like burgundy, gold and sage were switched out to neutral grays, soft blues and citrus green. I make the house look less formal and got rid of most of the accessories. I like things a little cleaner and simpler now. It is the wave of the future. For more information on this topic tune into Modern Design Wednesdays live from 2-3 pm e.s.t.  Just go to then click on Modern Design. You can now watch us on the you tube channel and face book live.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

What to do when the Christmas Tree comes down

Isn't it amazing that when you are ready to start putting up the decorations the house looks fine. When you take them down in January the house now looks very drab. January is the time to reinvent yourself and your home. Let's start January traditions and celebrate the winter with new ideas and rituals. I love to use white for decorating in January.  White votive candles in silver mercury glass cups around the house are perfect right now. Starting new bulbs indoors is also a great idea. Use things like pinecone in a wood bowl. Display them on the other side and they look like wooden roses. Use white painted, birch, or just bare branches in glass vases at your entry foyer or on a side board. Winter envokes it own natural beauty. Let's celebrate January!!!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Don't Take The Christmas Tree Down Just Yet

Happy Holidays everyone!!! It is puzzling to me why I see people taking down their holiday decorations already. Christmas is until the Epiphany on January 6th. We have all worked so hard and spent so much money to do these beautiful decorations, leave them alone. Enjoy and entertain until the 6th. In my next blog installment, I will give you great ideas on what to do after the tree is down. until that time, enjoy the season.